Childcare providers are an integral part of our communities, providing for parents the care that they need for their children so that parents can work out of the home. Because of the critical service that these providers offer, combined with the large volume of licensed providers in the ELVPHD district, childcare providers were surveyed regarding the communication methods that they currently rely on to receive information day-to-day, and mechanisms that they would rely on to get information in an emergency situation.

The nature of the work that childcare providers do may limit their access to the same types of communications that others would have who are working in traditional office settings; however, these communication methods can have an influence on the outcomes of public health concerns, such as emergency preparedness, environmental hazards, healthy lifestyles and preventive health screenings/immunizations.

The overall goal of the survey was to begin a process that would identify gaps and resources to improve critical connections between childcare providers and the local public health department.

The following charts and graphs summarize how respondents receive health information, communication systems that they are currently using, and a summary of the request for more information topics.