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Healthy Communities Initiative workshop held in Burt County

Monday, September 23, 2013

Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI), a drug abuse prevention group that serves the counties of Burt, Cuming, Madison and Stanton in Nebraska, recently held a Leading Change workshop for its board members in addition to management staff of Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department in Oakland on October 1, 2013. UNMC Office of Public Health Practice facilitated the workshop.

Changes are constantly happening in our lives and specifically in the workplace. How one perceives and deals with change was the basis of the workshop. All participants completed an online assessment prior to the workshop which was designed to measure ones preferred style in approaching change and dealing with situations involving change. Three styles for change were identified and each style had distinct differences and preferences when approaching change.

The information presented helped give insight into why some people appear so threatened by change and intent upon preserving the status quo; why some people appear constantly dissatisfied with the status quo and ready to challenge the existing paradigm; why some people are reluctant to take small calculated risks while others seem so eager to take dangerous unexplored risks; or why some people respond so effectively to gradual incremental change while others seem oriented toward radical, systemic change.

The workshop highlighted understanding personal preferences when it comes to change; appreciating the potential dynamics on teams during times of change; and discussing the leader’s role in assuring successful change transitions.

Funding for the Leading Change training was provided by Drug Free Communities grant funds.

For more information about the workshop, HCI’s programs or to get involved with Healthy Communities Initiative, please call Kathy Becker, HCI Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator at 402-529-2233.

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