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Friday, November 16, 2018

By: Anna Buchanan

 A lot of people struggle to find time to exercise. Working full time can be mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. To exercise before work, it requires an early morning commitment, and can be very tiring. Exercising after work is a constant battle because you are already tired from your long day at work, and a lot of us have other commitments. You may need to cook supper or drop your kids off at practice or a game. If you are not ready to make any time commitments to a regular workout routine, you can incorporate more physical activity into your workday. With these small changes, you can do your job, while also improving your health.

 Here are a few ways that you can get moving at work:

1)      Commute to Work – If you live close, consider walking or riding a bike to work. A twenty-minute bike ride even at low speeds can burn close to 80-100 calories depending on weight and current fitness level. That’s almost 200 calories a day, and 800 calories a week! Did you know you have to burn around 1000 calories to lose 1 pound? A 5-day bike commute and one structured workout a week could get you on track to your goal weight!

 2)      Park Further from the Door – Many of us do not live within biking or walking distance to work. If that’s the case for you, park in the furthest parking spot from your office front door. These extra steps will add up.

 3)      Walk while you Talk-  If you do not have to be on your computer while talking on the phone, walk around your office for some extra steps. If your job requires a lot of phone time, this could increase your number of steps by a significant amount.

 4)      Take the Stairs – Instead of hopping on the elevator, take the stairs! You have the opportunity to use a real-life stair master instead of going to the gym! If you have poor knees, avoid walking down stairs, but knock yourself out going up!

 5)      Sit on a Stability Ball – When sitting in a regular desk chair, our abdominal muscles are completely disengaged, which causes us to slump forward. Sitting on a stability ball forces you to engage those ab muscles. Have you ever had lower back pain? A lot of lower back pain is caused by a weak core. Not only can this increase physical activity, but it also can decrease or eliminate that pesky back pain. There have also been studies that show children are more attentive when sitting on a ball compared to a desk chair. If your mind is constantly wondering at work, this may help you focus.

 6)      Use a Standing Desk – Standing desks are becoming more common and are a good way to get you out of a chair. Even just standing engages muscles and does a lot more for your health than sitting all day. These desks are a little pricey, so it may be worth a suggestion to your employer. Some employers are happy to provide a standing desk if they think it will improve productivity.

 7)      Do some Deskercises! –Take a look and find some ways to get a full body workout at work!

 These a just a few suggestions that can help you get moving while at work. Remember, it is recommended that adults get 150 minutes of moderate-vigorous physical activity per week, or about 30 minutes a day. Moderate activity will make it slightly difficult to carry a conversation, and vigorous activity results in higher difficulty carrying a conversation due to increased heart rate and the body’s demand for oxygen. Some of these suggestions only provide low-intensity exercises but are still beneficial to your body and mind. Not only will these exercises improve your health, but I can also help improve your focus and productivity at work. Now get moving!

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