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Respite is help for the helpers.  Respite is a break for unpaid family caregivers caring for a loved one with special needs. 

Respite allows the family caregiver time away to care for their personal needs.  Research shows that when family caregivers take time for themselves, they improve their physical and emotional health.

A family caregiver is a person who provides ongoing care for an individual unable to care for themselves due to age, physical or mental disability or illness.  If your loved one cannot be left alone due to a special need, we can help. 

The Respite Network offers information and referral services for families and potential or current respite providers.  Call your local coordinator at 402-529-2233.  For further information go to    

Become a Provider!

Individuals interested in volunteering, caregivers, providers and employers are encouraged to contact the Nebraska Respite Network for more information about opportunities in your area.  You can fill out an application to become an individual provider at

Updated 1/30/2020

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